People to People Homestay: Amerikanische Burschen und Mädchen zu Gast bei Schülern und Schülerinnen unserer Schule

"American Ambassadors" bonding with Andreas, Clemens, Felix and Ronald  from 3A

It is the third year now that young Americans so called “student ambassadors” have spent three days with students from BG, BRG and BORG Eisenstadt.
“PEOPLE  TO  PEOPLE”, an organization founded by the US president Eisenhower, sends students to all parts of the world. The goal of this programme is to give young Americans the opportunity to get to know the culture, everyday lives and the people of different countries and to foster understanding between nations. One important aspect of these trips are the “homestays” that are supposed to enable these young “ambassadors” to make friends with the people of the country they are visiting.
This programme also gives young Austrians the chance to “test their English” and get to know people their age from another continent.
This year 16 students from our school hosted American students aged 12-15.

A big thank you to all our students and their families who hosted the American students!  
Mag. Gerlinde Mihalits

These are the names of the students and teachers who hosted Americans:

Baliga Laura, Bauer Katrin, Bencic Florian, Fasching Clemens, Freiler Lisa, Gerencser Anna, Jurkovits Diana, Kropf Ines, Kuzmits Magdalena, Mann Roland, Müllner Corina, Ottruby Adam, Rosner Maximilian, Wagner Felix,  Werner Andreas, Zemlyak Sarah
Mag. Fitzinger Wolfgang, Mag. Hasenbichler Sabine, Mag. Szmolyan- Lehenbauer Petra

Here is what the boys of 3A said about their guests and the time they spent with their Americans friends:

Andreas Werner, 3A:

The name of my American student was Liam. We talked a lot and had a lot of fun. We were at the Märchenpark and made a sightseeing tour in Oggau.
I liked Liam very much because he was like me.

Clemens Fasching, 3A:

On the first day Kyle and I played Star Wars and he killed me in the game because he was so good. On the next day Ronny and Randall came to us and we played football.
Now I miss Kyle. He was really nice.

Ronald Mann, 3A:

My host brother´s name was Randall, he was twelve years old and came from Florida. When I met him first, I thought he was a little bit shy because he didn´t say anything. But on the second day we talked a little bit.
All in all it was okay but I was a little bit disappointed because he talked so little.

Felix Wagner, 3A:

My host brother was named Calvin. Hosting a child is very exciting and great fun because we played games and went to the Märchenpark. Sometimes I didn´t understand Calvin but when I asked him,”What does it mean?” he explained it to me.