On 18th June, we – the students of class 6AG, 7CG and 7CInst – and our teachers Mag. Christine Draxler, Mag. Andrea Pickem and Mag. Astrid Wimmer set off on our one-week-trip to Oxford in the UK. After our arrival at Heathrow Airport, we were given a lift to Oxford where, after our orientation tour, we were picked up by our host families. It was extremely exciting for us to meet our host families and experience Britishness for a whole week!

DAY 1:
On our first day we were divided into two groups and met our British language teachers. After classes in the morning we discovered the picturesque Botanic Gardens and the amazing Covered Market with our teachers. If you go to Oxford, treat yourself to a milkshake at Moo-Moo’s and enjoy a scrumptious cookie at Ben’s Cookies!

DAY 2:
After morning class, we headed to Blenheim Palace! By means of audio-guides we were given important information about its historical background. Later we explored the Palace Park and Gardens where Harry Potter fans could take a photo of the Harry Potter Tree famously known as the magical tree called the ‘Whomping Willow’.

DAY 3:
Morning classes and an afternoon off! Shop till you drop!

DAY 4:
We went to London! Starting our journey at Marylebone train station, we made our way to Buckingham Palace and witnessed the Changing of the Guards. Having walked along the Mall, we finally made it to Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and then we had our lunch break at Covent Garden. After lunch we went to the river Thames and on our boat tour we were introduced to the most famous buildings such as the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben and the Globe Theatre. We got off at the Tower of London, where we started our Jack the Ripper Walking Tour. It was an exhausting day, but it was worth it!

DAY 5:
After a sleeping in we gathered at Carfax Tower (our all-time favourite meeting point) at 9:30 and went punting at Magdalen Bridge! We did a great job, but ask our teachers what they thought about this adventure. In the end, they decided to take photos of us instead. Later in the

afternoon we had British cream tea (scones, clotted cream, jam and black tea with milk). Yummy!

DAY 6:
Back to school and after morning classes we went to the National History and Pitt Rivers Museum. The collections are amazing and the two museums are definitely worth visiting! Afterwards we strolled around the University Park and took a break in the shade of a tree. (You won’t believe it, but it was warm and sunny indeed!)

DAY 7:
We started the day of our departure having British breakfast, porridge, bagels and yoghurt. In other words, we enjoyed our last morning in Oxford in a lovely café before heading back home to Austria.

Here are some impressions of our language trip in Oxford! Enjoy browsing through the pictures:

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